Paul Inouye

Founder, CEO

Commencing his career at Robertson Stephens, Paul Inouye delved into the realm of Silicon Valley's visionary entrepreneurs. Despite later assuming senior banker roles at prominent bulge bracket firms and servicing the Valley's tech juggernauts, his true passion has always been advising dynamic tech founders and entrepreneurs.

Featured in Sportztalk, he shared his expertise preparing for a debut marathon. Beyond his roles as a CEO and founder, he indulges in various interests, frequently participating in marathons and Ironman competitions. His active lifestyle reflects his belief in constant self-improvement. He eagerly imparts advice, asserting that running a marathon is achievable for anyone, regardless of experience.

In recent headlines, he was featured in YahooFinance, offering expert guidance on preparing a Software Business for an impending sale. His insights are instrumental in navigating successful M&A transactions. In a recent interview, he outlined practical strategies for software and SAAS businesses to ensure a seamless and profitable M&A transaction.

He stresses the importance of a positive and hands-on approach in business positioning: "Your leadership attitude towards a merger resonates with everyone involved," he highlights. "Active involvement in the process, including clearly communicating the business's value proposition, competitive advantages, and key business highlights, while closely collaborating with your advisor, is essential."